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Serving Cebu City and Cebu Province area... We at Contractor Link PH are devoted to molding the very earth you stand on, committed to providing superior earthworks, earthmoving, and site development services. Our company is built on a foundation of integrity, expertise, and a relentless pursuit to deliver you excellence. We transform barren plots into ready canvases for architects, playing a crucial role in the construction of dreams – from building lots to vast constructions sites.

Site Development & Preparations

We specialize in comprehensive site development, encompassing demolition to fine grading, ensuring a seamlessly prepared space for your construction needs.Whether you're laying the groundwork for a residential housing project, commercial space, or industrial facility, our site development and preparation services are tailored to your specific needs.Trust us to pave the way for a construction-ready site primed for excellence and longevity

Demolition & Clearing

Our demolition and clearing services are designed to seamlessly transition any property from old to new potential. We specialize in the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible removal of existing structures, debris, and vegetation, preparing the canvas for your future projects.Clients rely on our demolition and clearing expertise to pave the way for a smooth transition into construction, knowing that the groundwork for their project rests in capable hands.

Grading Services

Our grading services includes leveling, sloping, and contouring the terrain to facilitate proper drainage and to establish the ideal groundwork for your building site. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, our highly skilled professionals adeptly handle topsoil removal, earthmoving and cut & fill operations.Whether your project is a single residential lot or a multi-acre commercial development, our grading services are delivered with precision, efficiency and commitment to excellence.


Our excavation services provide the foundational support necessary for diverse construction projects. Specializing in everything from foundational digs to soil compaction and grading, we offer a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet the demands of your project timeline and specifications.We commit to a sustainable approach in our excavations, emphasizing the minimization of environmental impact and the conservation of natural resources. Partner with us to set a robust foundation for your construction endeavors, where quality groundwork paves the path to build success.

Water & Erosion Management

Our water and erosion management services provide customized, sustainable strategies for drainage and soil stability. We design and implement solutions such as drainage systems, swales, and retention ponds to manage water flow and prevent property damage caused by heavy rainfall.To counteract erosion, we use a combination of mechanical and vegetation-based techniques that secure soil and enhance environmental quality.Our commitment to using the latest technology and our proactive consultations ensure that our clients' landscapes are protected from the elements while also bolstering ecological health.

Specialized Constructions

At Contractor Link PH, we deliver cutting-edge construction services tailored for the most demanding projects. Our expertise lies in transforming the exceptional construction needs of our clients into reality. Whether constructing a new right-of-way, renovating a beach resort, or designing parking lots, each task is executed with precision and care.We thrive on the challenges presented by specialized construction, consistently exceeding industry standards and client expectations. With Contractor Link PH, your vision is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every project stands as s testament to our commitment to specialized construction excellence.

Driveways and Access Roads

We specialize in the design and development of premier driveways and access roads customized to meet the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients. From the robust infrastructure of a commercial access road to the subtle elegance of a residential driveway, we ensure that every inch of the surface is laid with precision, durability, and beauty in mind.Our construction process involves a thorough assessment of the terrain, thoughtful material selection, and a keen eye for detail, prioritizing stability and longevity to withstand the elements and heavy usage. Our team is committed to creating connections that are not merely routes but enduring pathways that welcome residents, visitors, and commerce with unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

Hauling & Compaction

Our compacting process use state-of-the-art compacting equipment to achieve the perfect soil density, crucial for preventing settlement and maintaining structural integrity. At Contractor Link PH, we understand that proper soil compaction is the cornerstone of any building project, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our experienced operators are skilled at navigating diverse terrain and our rigorous compaction standards ensure that every inch of your site meets the necessary specifications.Our fleet of heavy-duty trucks stands ready to transport materials, both to and from your site, ensuring a streamlined process that keeps your project on track. We handle everything from soil and aggregate delivery for site preparation to debris removal for a spotless completion. From large-scale commercial developments to residential builds, our hauling and compacting services provide the reliability and quality assurance that pave the way for a successful construction project.


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